Six Essential Twitter Lists – Cheat Sheet

followme.jpgTwitter Lists are by Twitter’s definition, “a curated group of Twitter users.” As a Twitter user you have the ability to create your own lists of users that fit a specific criteria that you choose or to subscribe to a public list created by another user. To see more details on how to create a twitter list visit the support section of Twitter.

1. Your Team

If you’ve got employees, contractors, consultants and other team members who are also on Twitter, create a list to keep up with them. Supporting your employees and turning them into advocates for your business.

2. Your Customers

Connect with your businesses, clients, customers and partners.

3. Industry Influencers

Every industry has leaders and influencers that are subject matter experts SMEs. Keep this list private! Ways to find these leaders, sign into a chatboards to find potential influencers. Also you can subscribe to services like, that will help quantify users.

4. Your Competitors

We always want to know what our competitors are up to. This list should be kept private and it’s not meant. Watch competitors sponsored content can save $100s in advertising and SEO keyword research.

5. Events and Conferences

Personally, I’ve had great success with networking and event attendees lists. This list is typically public and allows you to keep up with people you meet in real life back on Twitter. Create a list of people you meet at a local networking group and also at large conferences. Twitter has additional suggestions, Things to Tweet when attending a conference.

6. People Who Retweet You

When people retweet your content, add them to a list so you can keep up with them. If someone has shared your content once, they will do it again! Add them to your list for spreading the word faster.

Twitter lists make the world of Twitter more manageable and creates communities of users that you can reach more quickly.



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