Websites to Get Free Twitter Followers



If you have just started your business, or you have or website needing attention, Twitter is a great source of doing that. Twitter is taken on popularity with new features for many businesses to connect with potential clients and establish a brand. Remember the first 5,000 potential followers are you’re most important. You want to get the highest return on their followership.

Here is a list of sites that will make it easy to get you some free twitter followers. The list  is to help you get some free instant twitter friends. We highly recommend you NOT buy any package from any site but use the free services they offer.

Free Twitter Followers Tools

For Follow: With this tool, you can easily get 50+ twitter followers. All you have to do it login with your twitter username and password and wait to complete the process. **See below

Plus Follower: With this tool, you can get free followers everyday. **See below

Target Grow: TargetGrow is the simplest way to grow your Twitter and Instagram engagement with new relevant connections. You get Free 7-day trial period to use this service. **See below

500 Followers: With this tool you can gain 10 followers everyday. You just need to click “Gain Followers Now!” button after logging in to the application with your Twitter account. You get 20 free credits everyday, you can gain 10 followers with your free credits. **See below

Twimod: Grow your Twitter network with Twimod. This tool helps your twitter page to be discovered by other twitter users, getting you targeted following. I used this took but can’t say that it has exposed me to addition traffic or not. Worth Testing!

Hit Follow: With this tool you can get upto 100+ free twitter followers. **See below

New Followers: With this tool you can get upto 30+ followers with once click. *See below

New Follow: With this tool you can get upto 20 followers when you login to their service and can expect to get around thousand followers each month with their free plan. **See below

Let Get More Followers: You are guaranteed to get at least 20 new followers every time you use their free service. *See below

Free Follower: With this tool, you can get 60+ followers with one login. Each time you login with your twitter credentials you can get more followers. *See below

Traffup: Traffup enables you to get hundreds of free Twitter followers every day, requires time to build your acct. You need to sign up and connect your Twitter account. You will be assigned points to your Twitter profile to get more followers. Points are spent when somebody follows you.

Twiends: Twiends provides introductions to people looking to develop their social network on Twitter and Instagram. They use system called seeds to create the incentive for people to check each other out. When you follow someone they give you seeds, and vice versa when they follow you. This tool works great at first then it slowly recommend that you pay to get featured. Keep in mind this tool is better if you are in or want to gain UK followers.

300 Followers: This tool gives you 20 credits for free everyday, you can gain new followers with your free credits.

Jet Followers: Jet Followers is a powerful tool to gain new followers for free. Their system gives you 50 credits for free everyday; you can gain new followers with your free credits. Site also has the link referral system; you can gain much more with your refer more users.

A Followers: You can gain 25 followers a day. You get 20 credits for free everyday, you can gain new followers with your free credits.

30 Followers: You can gain 30 followers a day with this tool.

These services are simple and efficient but remember that it won’t help you get targeted followers. Its best for new twitter users who wish to get some instant followers and build their following. **Keep in mind, that all the above site require some login requirements, when you do this you will accept an app to be installed on your Twitter acct. The more sites you have on your twitter acct the more scrutiny Twitter will apply to your growth.


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