What happened to QuickVerse?



In 1990, I purchased a Bible software program for my first computer.  It was QuickVerse 1.0.  QuickVerse became a close companion in my personal Bible study for the next 15-years.  I recently ran across Craig Rairdin on Facebook.  Craig is the creator of QuickVerse, and the subsequent founder & developer of Pocket-Bible, marketed through Laridian.  Craig was kind enough to give us this interview.  This is part one.

Hi Craig, thanks for granting us this interview.    No problem.

Give us a quick timeline to help our readers connect the history of QuickVerse.

  • I graduated in December 1981 and started working at Rockwell in January, 1982.
  • I started working on the program that would become QuickVerse from home in late 1987 while working at Rockwell.
  • I interviewed with Bob Parsons in the Fall of 1987, but he didn’t have any openings.
  • I completed my Bible program in the Fall of 1988 and showed it to Bob.
  • I left Rockwell to join Parsons Technology in November, 1988, as Director, Church Software Division.
  • I was promoted to Vice President of Parsons Technology in 1990-91.

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, IA and still live there (actually right next door in Marion, IA).  I went to school at the University of Iowa just 30 miles south.


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