The 10 Commandments of User Interface Design

Your app or website is only as good as it looks. This statement resonates on multiple levels with UI designers and website developers, since, they observe firsthand how instrumental good design is to convincing people to use their product. It’s like good food. If it doesn’t look or smell nice, then it’s surely not worth taking another bite of. There’s no slightest doubt in the importance of focusing on user experience. User centric designs are created to uplift the website.This is why web designers use UX design tools to gauge user engagement and hone in on their designs to cater to the preferences of the audience.

User centric design is king when it comes to user experience, since it allows you to guide your users, making them familiar with your design and being intuitively smart in terms of the learning curve involved. UI Design is what makes your app/blog/website accessible. Aesthetics aren’t a distraction in user interface design, they seek to make your features and functions easy to use. Good design is integral to delivering a user-centric experience.


10 Commandments of User Interface Design
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