The-Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing Part 1


Paul Powers Here Again!

I recently downloaded one of those tantalizing guides that would be the answer to all our marketing prayers. As first glance, it’s was impressive! I enjoyed the read, layout and the data they bring to one place, was professional all for the low price of my all important email address. But the one thing that was missing, the How-Tos. Yes, they talk about the marketing mix and cross channeling within the social platforms. And no-one can discount analytics don’t lie. But they regurgitate the same old things that everyone else does. The ubiquitous survey to drawn interest:) The social funnel from visits to engagements.

To segway into a specific marketing group, in the coming weeks I will talk about how marketing to millennials is different then other consumers. I will not discuss their buying habits but rather in their behaviors toward buying in general. We like to think they are different, more web savvy, more impulsive, but they are simply young like we were, they goals are the same wealth and happiness. Looking forward to driving into this all important area, I hinted to it earlier as we dissect their patterns we will see the same pattern in other generational groups. And the ultimate goals is not just to gather more data but rather communicate better.

Can’t wait for you to discern my thoughts!

— Paul Powers